I specialise in both short-term and long term psychotherapy.I work with people who experience wide range of psychological and emotional difficulties.My areas of expertise include : relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, bereavement & loss (death, divorce, health losses), anger management, identity issues, self esteem, decision-making, seasonal affective disorder, young people's wellbeing (self-harm, self-esteem in young people; see young people's section below)

Through my continuous personal and professional development, I am well aware of the challenge to break limiting patters of thinking/feeling/ behaving. I have been continously kept growing and engaging in ongoing development opportunities for myself. It would be a paradox and incongruent attitude to expect from you to do this emotional work, and not being prepared to continue this for life for myself.It is possible to break these limiting patterns - I am here to facilitate this process with you. Working together you will gain a deeper awareness on yourself and feel equipped with new tools: new ways of understanding of your feelings and behaviour, new insight on your issues, increased self acceptance, new ways of thinking and responding to intense situations in more effective ways. My clients have developed tremendous insights and understanding about their behaviour-feelings-thoughts and have ultimately felt empowered to make changes in their own lives. 
I am truly committed in my work with clients. I bring along my enthousiasm, passion and eagerness for learning and knowledge as well as genuine interest and trust in your potential to grow and change. 

I create an empowering and safe space where individuals feel able to explore how they relate to themselves and the world. 
I will always strive to check with you that the work we do together does have a positive effect on your life.



I practice from an integrative model of psychotherapy with a strong relational focus and having the person centred conditions of acceptance, genuinness and unconditional positive regard at the heart of my practice.

As an integrative therapist/counsellor I draw upon various elements of different theoretical orientations I have received training on. I predominantly draw aspects from Humanistic Therapies (Person-Centred, Gestalt, Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy, Compassion Focused therapy ). These focus more on the here and now encouraging your self development and potential in order to live an authentic and meaningful life. Having been trained in the Person Centred approach I hold this approach at the core of my practice as well as way of living.
I also draw upon Psychoanalytical Psychodynamic Therapies, which explore and focus on non constructive patterns which are repeated in people's lives, relationship patterns , experiences which have evolved from childhood and generally one's past and looking into how these might have influenced your present life and the way you understand the world. 
I draw upon elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies, which focus on how our thoughts influence the way we feel and ultimately respond to our worries/ relationships and life in general. I have an increasingly developing interest in the transpersonal element of the  therapeutic relationship and i Integrate mindfulness into my practice.

The relationship that we establish is unique and really significant. I place extra emphasis on this. I also often wish to focus on how each unique relationship that I establish with people might reflect the way they relate to those around them as well as themselves. I will ,when appropriate and necessary, share with you how I experience you if that is to facilitate your personal insights about yourself. 

 I work in a very warm and genuine way at the pace that is right for yourself. Clients have always appreciated my "no-rushing" attitude and have verbally shared their appreciation. Most of our families/ friends rush to 'fix' our problems, which may leave you feeling frustrated and not listened to. Their intentions may be positive but sometimes it is not the listening you may wish to have.

I always respect how much you want to share without pushing you to explore any area in yourself that you do not want to go to or visit at the time. HOWEVER, in times where I feel a deeper exploration could promote further understanding around your issues, I will encourage you to reflect a little deeper or introduce some theory concepts in an attempt to facilitate deeper understanding for yourself. You can always decline my invitations. You will see me often sharing my own thoughts and feelings in an attempt to check if I have understood you correctly.  Having said that, I might also not get you 100% at all times, yet I always strive to do so. I am open to receive your feedback during your therapy and I do strive to make reviews often.

Using a metaphor I would say that I consider our relationship as a journey. I see you as a traveller who has embarked on this journey towards self-understanding, self-love & acceptance, a journey of change in your perspective(s), your outlook in life, your thoughts and feelings and consequently your attitude to yourself and others. My responsibility is to help you feel safe, help you enjoy your journey and feel empowered and reassured that despite the weather conditions you feel confident that you will reach the place you want to reach. 

I have deep trust in your potential to grow and in your ( and my) capacity to build a meaningful for you relationship which will empower you to reach your potential.

Some examples of interventions I may call upon are below; these emerge organically and not mechanistically.


  • Use of Sandtray to depict your inner world or aspects of your inner world. Having a visual image helps with anchoring and facilitating experiential shifts.
  • Empty chair technique (Gestalt) 
  •  Express yourself creatively (using buttons, pebbles ,drawing,  Clay( the latter can be quite powerful for embodied realisations)
  • Psychodrama techniques  ( giving voice to parts of self ; and enacting relationships in the room for example)
  • Inner child focused interventions eg: Creative forgiveness writing, ( adopting ideas from John Bradshaw's and Rothchild's  inner child work)
  • Introducing theoretical concepts that apply to the issues you bring -aim: facilitate understanding of yourself- eg: Karplman's tiangle from TA
  • Bibliotherapy -using books as part of your therapy to enhance understanding
  •  Use of poems - or engage in creative therapeutic writing:
  •  Use of visualisations : I tend to use this to help you anchor experientially with ''safe space'' within.
  •  Mindfulness based ways of experiencing/ viewing reality: Breathing techniques and identifying thoughts mindfully
  • Dream work often has led clients to powerful realisations. 
  • Use of imagery and expressive art are also directly linked to the way I approach counselling, as images sometimes can speak more than words.
  • Use of metaphors and symbolisms is integral part of the way I work and arise organically within me ; working with your metaphors are vital and please do share when these arise

You can always decline my invitations. l also share my own thoughts and feelings in an attempt to check if I have understood you correctly.


With young people:

I often use creative methodologies to empower safer explorations and realisations. Such as: animal miniatures;clay; drawing;play dogh;buttons/pebbles and stones etc. IT IS a very powerful way of expressing/releasing, processing and understanding emotions. It certainly is not a medium I exclusively use with young people. Adults often enjoy being involved in therapy more creatively and they have shown they love it!!

Theoretical influences on my therapeutic style: 

My therapeutic interventions are drawn from a range of theoretical models/ approaches. In contrast to one model psychotherapy which usually focus on one particular theory, my philosophy is that not two individuals have the same needs. Each person is unique therefore I see my aim as practitioner to be as flexible as I can for the client's needs.

I have received personal therapy and supervision (according to BACP ethical guidelines) as well as training from professionals of diverse theoretical backgrounds: Transactional analysts, Person-Centred & Integrative practitioners, psychodynamic practitioners, psychoanalytic & psychodramatists as well as existentialist oriented practitioners. I have initially been trained in the person centred approach. My therapeutic style is very relational, very influenced by humanistic approaches (person centred, Gestalt and existentialistic ways of understanding life/hapinness). Having completed analytic training I inevitably bring my psychodynamic experience and understanding on the client's processes. I do offer CBT interventions when this is needed.

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss any of the above.

I receive referrals for :adults, young people, groups , couples, student and/or qualified therapists, and organisations. Counselling supervision also available https://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/supervisor_21975.html

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God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.