Maria Kefalogianni has a wonderful ability to combine her professional knowledge of psychology and psychotherapy with a warm and gentle demeanour and a patient approach. For the client, this comes across as a very humane form of treatment, and seems to have at it's core an understanding that the client is a human person, with all the complexity and depth that entails, rather than a mere victim of some cruel clinical illness. The approach enables the client to, first and foremost, regain a sense that they are worthy of dignity and understanding, and this in turn creates the right conditions for the psychotherapeutic work to be effective over time.
''' J.M



''''Maria's warmth and compassion, which feels a part of her nature and innate to who she is, was very helpful to me, as I felt safe and contained by her. The approach to therapy being flexible was very helpful- Maria has an array of therapeutic skills and is trained in a number of approaches so is able to fit the therapy to the client. The authenticity Maria brings to the therapeutic relationship - small touches such as making you a brew, and sharing relevant personal information, make the relationship feel very real and meaningful. Also lending me a book showed me she trusted me, and had faith that I would respect it. I think some therapists may end up being unintentionally 'cold' by aiming to stick to personal boundaries and keep safe within their position of power; of course boundaries are very important but it is sometimes at the edges of these that real, meaningful things happen. Doing imagery exercises (even though I resisted and really didn't want to at times!) was hugely powerful, and it's these experiential parts which have really stayed with me in my memory "  Ch..



''What I found helpful was to be listened to and whilst there was an over-arcing structure to the entire therapy I didn't feel rushed or pushed in one strict direction. This allowed me to explore my own feelings at my own pace with freedom, which was very useful in reaching awareness/conclusions. It was also very obvious that Maria cared about my situation and she was very compassionate which aided a lot in the process. I also liked the fact that the meetings were in her own home as it felt less clinical and I felt more at home at what seemed like a normal everyday environment''




''I would recommend Maria. I have found her approach to be incredibly thoughtful, compassionate, and in line with the current evidence-base which I think reflects both her professionalism and commitment to helping clients on their journey towards greater emotional well being. I have recommended Maria to numerous people I know as I felt that she would be very adaptable to different clients' needs, she does not take a 'one size fits all' approach. Maria is able to maintain a consistent and compassionate approach, which can be very difficult (I say this as a therapist myself) and this is one of the factors which makes her a very effective and popular therapist. I have had other therapies in the past, but it is only since my therapy with Maria that I have noticed lasting, deep changes to how I feel. It is hard work at times, of course, but I felt I was not alone on the journey, and I felt 100% safe with Maria to access memories and emotions which previously had felt too painful. I have gone from being a very self-critical, striving person, to a calmer, more compassionate and caring person towards myself and others, which has helped me feel so much better as well as improving my relationships'' C.




(Moments of crisis can reflect the voice of our inner wisdom :'I have had enough; I am more ready for a change now')

I work on the assumption that you are experiencing a situation that is challenging you at the moment, in a lot of ways. Have you ever asked your self what your needs are?


People often refer to counselling/psychotherapy because they sense a sometimes strongly negative influence acting upon their lives, even if that is difficult to be put into words/ articulated. There seems to be a consensus arising out of research into counselling, that offering people the space and time to reflect upon the issues they bring into therapy enables them to raise their awareness of these issues as well as giving them strategies for overcoming limiting patterns that they might adopting in their life.

offer integrative psychotherapy. I integrate theory and techniques in my attempt to help clients integrate peacefully within themselves conflicting parts or experiences that they have struggled with. I facilitate a development on client's awareness around those experiences.

I support clients in connecting with their feelings (catharsis). As a result of this, clients I have worked with in the past have felt empowered by reaching a different understanding of those experiences, beliefs, thoughts and behaviours which are limiting and therefore they been able to make the necessary changes in their lives. Emotions serve as your compass. Together we will work so that you can feel comfortable experiencing all these emotions, but with the difference that you will develop deeper trust in your ability to accept these feelings and re-discover your optimism and strength in order to move on with your life.


As each person is such an individual, it is scarcely possible to suggest any blueprint for how the course of counselling should run. For this reason I consider it important to allow you an opportunity to meet with me before we begin working together so that you may determine for yourself whether or not I may meet your needs.

I will often be checking and monitoring with you whether our work together is beneficial for you and in which ways. This is done through reviews (usually every 6th session) but I would say It also happens throughout our work together.

People have fed back to me that I come across as very empathic and warm and SAFE to express their inner thoughts and fears. I am very open and I do welcome clients to express how they feel about therapy, the therapist -myself-and the relationship we establish. I am open minded in receiving feedback and discussing different ways of facilitating exploration.<< New text box >>

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God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.